Famous for the quality and colour of their yarns, Rowan is a favourite amongst designers and knitters the world over for their impressive production values, great look and feel, and their commitment to the craft in terms of fostering great design in-house and going out into the knitting community through their workshops and the expertise of their core stockists.

Every season brings ground-breaking new products with a particular commitment to renewable and fair-trade ideals, whilst at the same time old favourites see the introduction of contemporary new shades to keep your knitting ‘fresh’.

Kim Hargreaves

One of Rowan’s key designers, Kim now publishes in her own right and produces regular contemporary classic collections just like this one here. Click on the picture to see this and other Kim publications.


Great menswear patterns can be hard to find, but you will find several great collections like this in our books section and there are always some great patterns in the Rowan Knitting Magazines as well. Click on the picture to see the gallery of designs for this title or use the Books button

Rowan Magazine 56

Bang up-to-date this bi-annual collection features Rowans great designers old and new with their take on current fashion stories, plus lots more!! Click on the picture to this and other great Rowan design publications.

A Tweed Story

Dola Tese Irwan Yarns Need Inspiration?

At the start of her career Debbie Bliss did a great deal of designing for Rowan Yarns as well as producing her own independent publications. Her popularity grew exponentially and she finally broke from Rowan to develop her own yarn lines thus ensuring she had exactly what she needed for her own designs in terms of finish and colour palettes.

Many Debbie Bliss yarns are suitable for substitution in Rowan patterns (and vice versa) particularly when a slightly less expensive substitute is required. Very much from the same stable in terms of being top class runners in the yarn stakes, and some ranges are particularly good for childrens wear, not surprising as this is one of Debbie’s favourite design areas.

Colourway Yarns


Debbie Bliss combines craft knitting techniques with contemporary design in this great interpretation of this season’s catwalk tweeds. Click on the picture to see this and other Debbie Bliss publications.

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